Time Is Money


Does your time relate to money? Many years ago when I was brand new to the profession of selling I created a lucite paper weight for executive’s desks with a three minute timer,  an Eisenhower silver dollar and three simple words: “Time Is Money.”

As the years have passed and one by one, I have checked off my goals, this simple idea has gradually become more and more meaningful. Now there is much more of my life behind me than I can imagine yet to come. That directly relates to time.

Earlier today I was chatting with a few business colleagues and they were asking about my experience flying fighters and being in war. I couldn’t help but think how fortunate I have been. Many of my friends have their name on “the wall” in Washington D.C. They died as young men.

One of my speaking topics is: “How to get back alive.” During this presentation I share how important it is to hit the target and come back alive! In business we use money to keep score and measure our level of success. Ideally we earn lots of money and also take the time to live a fulfilling life.

Money can give you the option to spend or invest time in pursuits that are personal. That’s a wonderful benefit of earning money. Theoretically, the more you earn, the more you will be able to have freedom and independence. My many years of being a financial advisor showed me that some people become obsessed with the money and “stuff.” Some of my wealthiest clients are horribly stressed out because they are concerned about losing some of their money or worst yet, they believe the only reason people like them is because of their money.

It is very important to earn money, that’s one of my primary coaching objectives working with clients. However, it is also critically important to deliberately use the money to enable you to spend or invest your time wisely. Ultimately, time is more important than money. Time is the essence of what your life is. How are you using it?

Many years ago there was a survey of senior citizens. They were asked if they had any regrets. Amazingly three things kept coming up as regrets.

  1. They wished they had taken more risks.
  2. They regretted not doing something personally rewarding or worthwhile.
  3. They realized they were so busy, they didn’t take time to reflect.

Yes, time is money. You have the option to decide how much money you want to make and you also have the ability to choose how you will invest your time. Choose wisely my friend.

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