How well do you Execute?

“Ready, Aim, Fire” or is it “Rules of Engagement” or maybe “Fire at will.” Different “clichés” that we hear on the news, in sales rallies or maybe around the office or battlefield. As you and I fully engage in this new calendar year I would like to encourage you to develop the habit of being able to “pull the trigger.”

Now is not the time to assess, evaluate and contemplate whether or not you will or will not, “Just do it!”

It starts with the little things. If you want to increase your network, develop new business or earn more money, you have to press the flesh, go out and meet people and make decisions about who to talk to, how to talk to them and focus on your objectives. Pick up the phone, make those calls, send the emails and followup on all your leads. Get out of the office. Do it! Execute!

If you don’t want to meet people and grow your network or your business, sit at your computer, pass out business cards, ask people to call you back and think about how you might become a really smart and clever marketer. Well, guess what.  tryThings don’t happen until you take control, ask for “their card and number” and you initiate the next meeting or appointment. The best way for you to grow is to engage and help others grow. Do it! Execute!

Simplify and be deliberate. If you want an example of how to totally loose control, be embarrassed and get zero results, try focusing on your “rules of engagement” like they are doing in Washington, DC. God help us, please!

Rather, I would suggest you focus on RESULTS and self measurement. Measure yourself on a daily basis. It only takes a few KFI’s (Key Function Indicators) and they need to be measured DAILY.  That might be: appointments, dollars, units or new accounts. It definitely is not the amount of “time” or “editing” or making sure you are being politically correct.

The more you execute or pull the trigger, the better you will get at hitting your target, asking good questions, learning to listen better and making more good, quality things happen, i.e., getting RESULTS.

I have found that I get the best results when I have someone else who is watching me, is interested in me and asks me the tough questions. I have written this short missile to get your attention and encourage you to “get off your you know!” Do it! Execute! Pull the trigger!

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